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Anywhere you go, there are always casualties happening around you. They may suddenly fall sick and you may be the only one around to help. Or you may soon be joining a challenging workplace like mine or heavy manufacturing industry. We cannot predict what can happen in the next few seconds of our life. But, what we can do is be prepared for whatever is going to happen. And getting training on first aid is the first step towards being prepared.

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When you are looking for a reliable academy in Parramatta, look no further than Alpha Beta College Parramatta. Our class covers everything you need to do during a medical emergency!  You are sure to enjoy our classes and the activities we have lined up for you. You will love to know that the course you take at our academy will be valid not only in Parramatta but also throughout NSW, Australia! This means no matter where you work, you can always produce this certificate. You have another reason to consider getting this training at our institute. Our first aid training course is fully accredited with high industrial standards.

In order to get into this course, you don’t have to possess any special skills. All you have to have is good communication skills, work well under stressful conditions, and you must have an ability to follow the instructions given by your trainer. This course has both online and face-to-face classes in Parramatta.

FIRST AID course – We run our courses anywhere in NSW

Perfect Job Roles

When you successfully complete the first aid training classes and get the certificate. You can seek work in roles like NSW Security Licence, Hospitality and retail staff, Workplace First Aid Officer, Sports, and physical trainers, WHS Officer, Volunteers in caring roles, Australian Federal Police Force, Construction workers, and aged and disability support worker.


Useful First Aid Training

Nobody can predict what could happen the next minute. You may be walking on the way and suddenly a person standing in the corner of the street suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. Or maybe you are working in a high demanding job and you may suddenly face yourself a situation where you have to revive a colleague. Are you prepared to face such terrific moments? If not, it is time for you to take the first aid training course from the most reliable academy in the town!


We understand that when you are in a situation where you need to help someone, you would be disappointed in yourself if you couldn’t because of your lack of understanding. For this reason, our classes are designed in such a way that the courses you take are enough to make you an expert in first aid. What’s more? You will get a certificate of completion to really add up to your confidence.


No matter where you go in Parramatta or even in Australia, this certificate will be valid. You can rest assured that our first aid course is accredited with high industrial standards. To get enrolled in this course, you don’t have to worry as you needn’t have any special skills or knowledge. All you need to do is follow the instructions told to you in classes well to learn A to Z about the training.

Course Fee

  • $99 – First Aid Course
    Please contact us for First Aid course booking and registration.
  • Email: info@alphabetacollege.edu.au 

First Aid Training Parramatta