Living in Australia


Living and studying in Australia is a wonderful experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Even though Alpha Beta College Australia offers a variety of online programmes, it’s highly recommended to think about studying in our vast and magnificent country.

New South Wales, Australia, offers international students a good standard of living. People in Australia are relaxed, hospitable, and very friendly. Australian summers are sunny and warm, but even on chilly winter days, the air is clear and bright.

Australia is a diverse country with a relatively safe society. Our population is multicultural and comes from many countries. As a result, local restaurants offer a range of delicious, international cuisines.

Important details

International students who wish to study in Australia must prepare ahead since rental housing is in high demand. Costs vary depending on where you reside and the kind of accommodation you select. You should consider the following factors while choosing a place to live:

  • How far is the campus from your home?
  • Is it easily reachable by public transportation?
  • Is the property furnished or unfurnished?
  • How many people will you be sharing with, and what kind of people are they?
  • What is the overall price? Does this price cover costs like utility and bond fees?

Here are some suggestions for making an accommodation request:

  • Don’t depend just on website images. Be sure to go there in person.
  • Refrain from paying a deposit on a property you haven’t visited and always read the lease or contract before signing it.
  • Never disclose personal information to a stranger in exchange for further information about a property.
  • Understand your tenancy rights.
  • Be aware of different kinds of accommodations.

Accommodation types

Once Alpha Beta College Australia has confirmed your enrolment, you should start looking for accommodation that meets your requirements and your budget. Among the most well-liked accommodation choices in Australia for foreign students are:

  • Shared or private housing
  • Homestay
  • Residential colleges or specially constructed student housing
  • Youth hostels and other temporary or affordable accommodation
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Accommodation checklist

Before accepting any accommodation offer, read the informative checklist provided below.

    • Read your contract or leasing agreement thoroughly.

The terms of your accommodation agreement must be understood before you sign on. You can get assistance from our Student Support staff to understand it. Always get a receipt when making a bond payment or deposit.

    • Pay attention to expenses.

Find out what extra costs, in addition to your deposit and rent, you must pay. Make sure you are aware of everything that is and isn’t included in the rent.

    • Verify the condition report and inventory.

When you rent a property, you will obtain an inventory of its contents, which lists each item’s condition (a condition report). Before you sign your agreement, double-check the details and make a precise note of any faults or missing goods.

    • Request guidance.

If you have any concerns about your accommodations, speak to your homestay service provider, your landlord or your real estate agent (if you are renting). Someone who can assist is always available.